Heritage Trails

A native ancient people, a search for gold, a fight for rights… Florida boasts a richness in history, culture and diversity and it's time to explore.

Florida's Heritage Trails were made for everyone to learn from and experience, from Florida residents to first time visitors, students and historians. Each of the thirteen Heritage Trails include biographies of significant individuals, historical events and historical sites throughout Florida that you can experience for yourself. Which trail will you take?

Trails of Florida's People

Trails of Florida's History

Black Heritage Trail

Black Heritage Trail

In 1990, the Florida legislature created the Study Commission on African-American History in Florida to increase public awareness of African Americans contributions to the state.

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civil war heritage trail

Civil War Heritage Trail

The 80-page Florida Civil War Heritage Trail guidebook examines the state's role in this epic period of American history.

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Cuban Heritage Trail

To recognize the significance of Cuban history in Florida, the Florida Department of State has published the 64-page Florida Cuban Heritage Trail which highlights historic places, people, and events that are important to Cuban Americans in Florida and to the state's history as a whole.

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world war II heritage trail

World War II Heritage Trail

The Florida World War II Heritage Trail, a 72-page guidebook, includes color and archival photographs of Florida sites related to World War II, and biographical sketches of many men and women who played a significant role during the war.

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French Heritage Trail

The history of the French presence in Florida combines all possible elements of human character – the search for adventures, secret desires, and stories of rise and fall.

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maritime heritage trail

Maritime Heritage Trail

For thousands of years, Floridians have lived and worked on the coast, and have left a legacy of remains and reminders of our past.

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Jewish Heritage Trail

As a people, Jews have contributed dramatically to Florida's economy, culture government and by creating institutions that allowed their heritage to flourish and their identity to strengthen.

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spanish galleon trail

1733 Spanish Galleon Trail

Explore the Spanish Plate Feet disaster of 1733.

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native american

Native American Heritage Trail

The 36-page Florida Native American Heritage Trail guidebook is the newest addition to the Florida Heritage Trail series. The guide honors Florida's Native American cultures, both past and present, by providing in-depth information for residents and visitors.

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florida panhandle shipwreck trail

Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail

Explore twelve unique shipwrecks in Florida's Panhandle.

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spanish colonial

Spanish Colonial Heritage Trail

The Florida Spanish Colonial Heritage Trail is a 64-page, full-color guidebook highlighting more than 50 Spanish heritage and historical sites dating from 1513 to 1821.

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museums in the sea

Florida's "Museums in the Sea"

Find information about all of Florida’s Underwater Archaeological Preserves.

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Women's Heritage Trail

Within this book are brief outlines of over 100 women significant in Florida's history. In each case, a historic site or marker exists to illustrate their role in defining the state's past, present, and future.

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